I fell in love with the idea of a life circumstance, and when I fell in love with this idea of life, I could not be in love with life in actuality, which is the moment now. If I fall in love with the idea of someone, who am I falling in love with, them or what they can offer me and give me through some idea of what I think I want.

Be so very careful of your desires and wants in life; are they really want you want or are they ideas of what you think you want to be happy or free… is it just an idea that you have of what you think you want?

Or is it the feeling that’s deep within you, the one without reason or idea, is that what’s moving you?

If you are not happy now, you will not be happy when you reach the idea of what you think will make you happy. Or free. If you are not free now, you will not be free when the idea of what you think you need to be free, arrives.

You are only happy now. You are only free now. If you fall in love with the idea of something, it’s not the something you love, it’s the idea of it you love.

Be careful of the things that speak of the ideas of future circumstances, or even current ones. If you don’t have a fullness and lightness and contentment right now, it may just be an idea that you’re in love with.

Connect with what you love, but know that even having the things you love will not give you love if you do not first connect with your whole being and find love there.

Your ideas of what someone or something are going to give you are like a shell, they’re empty on the inside. They beg of you to believe in them, but they are not real.

NOTE: I do not mean creative ideas or dreams. I mean being in love with the idea of something which is usually in the future, but can sometimes be a circumstance in your life currently, and what you love is what you perceive that idea gives you. But even your dreams can slip into ideals if you’re not one with the moment that is now.

I’m writing and in love with writing now, but sometimes I dream of this idea of when I’ll be writing in the future in this idea of what it will look like and who I’ll be within it. I’m dreaming about writing and being a writer and the idea of what that looks like in my own mind, but this is just an idea. It doesn’t exist. Right now I am being the writer, and that’s all that matters.

All that matters is that you be yourself. Because nothing you do or become will ever give you something you don’t already have.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

To know the difference between the idea of love, and love itself, look at your own life. Deep down you know, but you also need to know where you’re looking for love in ideas. My mentor does an event which will help you distinguish love from the idea of love: The Intuitive Warrior. CLICK HERE.

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