Because you are a Warrior…

With love from your heart…

Growing up as a “latch-key” kid with a young single mom who fearfully and fearlessly

raised me by herself in Los Angeles, I observed my mother as a survivor.

It was once joked that she was so tough, the only two things that would survive a

nuclear holocaust were cockroaches and my mother.


A lot has changed in the world since I was 8 and the way the world once lived.

The X/Y/whatever we’re on generations live life differently.

We don’t just rebel against the system, politics, or our own lost cause,

we rebels against ideas, beliefs, and the paradigm of reality as we know it.

We don’t believe in just surviving.


We say, “you CAN do what you love, no matter what.”

We say, “speak your Truth, even in the face of hurting another.”

We say, “anything is possible,”

and when things that could be perceived as negative occur in our lives,

we say “it was meant to be” and wait for the story to unfold.

We say, “we believe we not only CAN change the world, but WE WILL.”  It’s our destiny.

And secretly I often joke with friends, “and may the force be with you,” which I borrowed from my mother’s generation.


I say that because the difference between being a survivor and being a Warrior is one small tweak…

and it’s name is fear.  I believe we make a choice every moment that impacts our lives greatly,

and that is allowing the thoughts in our mind to sell us fear.  You have the choice to buy it in every moment.

Let go of worry about politics, the insurance company selling you, or advertisements

turning your children’s eye on TV…

you have a much shrewder friend that lives inside your own head…

It’s on sale in your mind 24 hours a day: False Evidence Appearing Real and its free.


I’m a reformed survivor.  I believe in breaking free of the mold in my mind,

being the change in the world by being the change in my own life,

and passionately challenging what it means to live in freedom with my heart leading the helm.

I believe that fear has had its day, in my life, and in the world.


I believe that the power of love, truth and freedom is stronger than fear.

And I believe in the depth of my heart that we are all destined to not simply survive,

but be the Warrior we have come here to be.

By Kirra Sherman

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