“If there’s nothing to give, then how can we ask for more?” Damian Rice.

In the video below, I speak about how appreciation is who you are. But what does that mean? Rather than seeking to understand it, ask yourself, do you not feel a sense of home within yourself when you do feel appreciation? When you appreciate, do you not feel happiness and love for whatever you’re appreciating? That appreciation is love, which is also said to be who you are.

But it’s not about appreciating only what you do have, but what you don’t have because that can bring you to accept what you don’t have.

I was listening to a song by Damian Rice today and he sang the words, if there’s nothing to give, then how can we ask for more, and I feel there is a lot of truth and depth to this quote.

What we aren’t willing to give, we cannot receive. Giving can simply be giving appreciation for all that is and isn’t. Appreciation can be given for living, for the simplicity of feeling alive.

Now if you’re not following what’s in your heart, you may not be able to sense the life and aliveness that is always there. When you are not doing the things that you love, you may not be able to sense the love that’s found in living. One way back into that is to appreciate everything from the core of who you are. It will bring you back into feeling alive and centered.

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