I still love you oh heart

Despite me, despite you

For everything we do and don’t do

For all that is manifested, through and through

Reject me, revere me, confuse me, see me

And in that moment it was neither you or I that we loved, but broken pieces, shards of glass in the mirror of love’s face we feel, and felt into the pool of the ocean we landed into destiny’s arms.

We felt into confusion, we felt into ranges of a dance that crept in through the wind of whispers of the worlds heart and danced on a wire of our own design we did.

Time shouted, but we played on, we shouted back and giggled at our own paradox.

And in you I found me, and in me you found more of a glimpse of you, for then there was one, and then there were also two.

Once we fell in love, and we celebrated in each others song… oh, oh, oh, this one I know, its another dance of the soul.

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