I recently woke up with a non-drinking hangover. It felt almost exactly like a hangover, but all I did was something that I wasn’t inspired to do for all the “wrong” reasons. 
Part of life’s journey can be learning what it feels like to “fall down” by not dong what your heart calls for. It gives you an experience of what love doesn’t feel like.
Choosing something that wasn’t born of love and inspiration, even though it felt like an opportunity, may not seem like a big deal, but it made a big difference. Every opportunity that comes is not necessarily true for you. 
What is the big deal? A change in energy for someone following their Truth is everything. The energy of that choice is the same energy that connects with all things including how you feel in your body, and what is manifesting in your life circumstances.And every decision reflects a new reality into your world. Imagine life is like a “choose your own adventure” story book. One decision one way emerges scenes that are different from what another decision would create.

Your decisions determine the experience you have.

Consider this: When you choose something out of fear, you’re disconnecting with love, can you really expect to feel the same connection with presence, clarity and the space of love found in your soul if you do?
You’re either one with your Truth, or you’re not, and from that decision you’re either choosing to be one with love’s infinite possibilities or fear’s limitations.

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