It’s all a lie. The fear is a lie. The stories of your life are only stories. What they’ve told you about the world is a lie, too, because until its your experience, its another’s version of the Truth, and even then, its just a story, like reading a book. There is nothing out there outside of you. And you aren’t who you think you are. Also, there is no heaven nor hell nor fearful repentance to hold you back. Your beliefs contain you in thought. Your thoughts limit your world. Don’t unbelieve them, don’t resist the thoughts, just know that everything that you yearn to live is outside of these boxes.

You can break free of your box. Only you have the power to know what’s true for you, and don’t fool yourself either, you know what your heart wants. You will face limitations, you will be told NO. You will be held back by love itself along you way, but keep going. The thoughts in your head will convince you its not worth it. If you listen, you fall for the lie. Your power is one present moment away.

All that you must know is that you already have the love you’re looking for in your heart. It’s alive, beating inside you, can you hear it calling, its yearning to be expressed, you’re yearning to connect with love, yearning to be free. You’re yearning to be who you were born to be.

You’ve already got it, you’re already it… dare to be it… dare to express it… dare to follow your heart and walk the path of love back to knowing the truth of who you are…

A song I felt goes with this:

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