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You know that feeling when you’re in your heart and just being yourself? It’s like the feeling of love moves your body—you’re present, open, and in the flow of life. Life feels perfect in a moment like that.

It seems as if everything is possible. And in a moment like that, are you thinking about anything in your circumstances or yourself that needs to be fixed, improved, or changed? Aren’t you just in peace and not thinking at all?

But if you spend a while in this space, you may at some point think to yourself: “I’ve got it all figured out.

That’s a “good” thing right? Maybe… But what often happens when you think you have it all figured out?

The part of you that thinks, takes over. Slowly your presence wanes a little. Slowly, the not-so-humble, not-so-in-your-heart part of you begins to play a little: “I’ve got this,” it seems to say.

You start to notice that you’re not fully being yourself. Maybe many of the things that were flowing stopped. Or you experience a down, a result of coming from a high. You notice you’re thinking about all your problems and in more fear. That feeling of peace seems far away, you’ve lost the magic, and you’re no longer in that state of flow.

Each and every time my mind thinks “I’ve got it all figured out now” … the part of me that seeks control through incessant thinking begins to assume a greater role in my life.

And every time, WHAM! It’s a smack in the face. It says: Wake up!

I bring myself back to the moment.

What’s the truth? You can’t figure out the ever-changing present moment. There is and has never been anything to figure out. The part of you trying to figure it out is seeking control. The part of you that believes that it has life figured out, isn’t the true you, the you in your heart. When a part of youthinks you’ve figured it out, you’ve lost the moment, and you’ve bargained for a sense of security and control, but paid the price of ALIVENESS.

“I want to be in the flow, but I also want to control within that flow,” a member of group recently honestly admitted. The only problem is that the more control you seek, the less you will be able to live in a state of flow. The less control you hold onto, the deeper in the flow you can live.

When you find yourself lost in the grips of the part of you that needs to control, just surrender to your heart rather than resist, and ask it of your heart what the lesson is. What are your circumstances supporting you to realize?

Life is your mirror, if you trust your heart and make life into a friend, you’ll see your life as supportive. If you see life as something happening “to” you and see it against you, it will serve as your enemy. Your mirror of life is what you make it.

And don’t worry, “thinking you have it all figured out” is just another part of the process, another piece of the puzzle.

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