What is true? Truth is awareness. All who live, truly live, but though we all truly live, not all are aware they truly live. It is one thing to be alive, it’s another experience to be aware of aliveness.

Do you spend more time in your mind analysing and thinking, or in your heart of presence: in the moment now?

Everyone is alive, but to experience aliveness, your awareness of aliveness is the focus of your every moment. There is no other moment than this moment of aliveness–only in your mind can you imagine the future or past, but you cannot prove they are true in the way you can this moment now.

There is a story of your life playing in the background, but it is secondary to what is happening now. Like a backdrop of a theatre set, your character walks upon the stage. The stage, the actors upon the stage, and the plot of the play are all secondary to the aliveness of the moment now.

If you want to heal your past, dive into this moment now and live it as if it is all that there is. It may be that it is all there is.

If you’re doing things in this moment that does not ignite your heart, stop it, those things will take you out of your aliveness. If you cannot stop, find the love for it by being with it using your whole being, as though nothing else matters.

If you know yourself only as the character, as the set, as the plot of the play, you may feel fear of the future and pain from the past. You may avoid the now because the thinking mind does not realise that the only thing that matters is there: you.

Know yourself beyond your character you play, and you will simply be here now, but you will be free to be here now without chasing anything–including happiness.

Make knowing you the most important thing in your life–the you that’s outside of your thoughts, life circumstances, the things that happen, your judgments and even your goals. You will find great love and peace there. You will be content and feel secure every time you are fully in the moment. And you will be truly living.

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