Perfection is what is.
What would it feel like to be with something you’ve created and it be enough just as it is?

It’s you. It’s yours. It’s whatever you want it to be, thought it to be, naught it to be, no matter. Its yours. It’s you.

It’s perfect. 
You do you the best you can do being where you are right now in this moment, and that will be perfect. And even if it’s not your best, that’s perfect too.
Just observe. Just become aware.
The truth is, you’re already perfect, just as you are. Scream in silence, laugh into the nothingness, and see your own shadow in the face of the world – let it stand without reason and rules. There is no right way. 
Make it all up. Be inauthentic just to taste it. Then just be whatever you love to be despite the outside. Run inside and then stretch yourself inside out.
Just be yourself, in the “imperfection” so you know your judgments, then love them, embrace them, and be free once more.

(in a note to a client I felt to share)

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