“Why some complain and stress about their life can be understandable, but why they keep stressing about the same complaint is ignorance.”

– Amir Zoghi –

Life is amazing- it gives you the opportunity to experience both sides of every story you wish to experience – the ups and downs, the sweet and sour, and the gains and losses of every life story. What’s your story my dear? What keeps you up thinking all night? Why do you keep comparing your life with other people’s? What’s your complaint about life, do you have any?Life is just your story and you can view your story any way you choose, but the most important question is, what are you doing about your experience and how are you choosing to view it? You only have two choices: one, to do something about it, or two, to fully accept it and let it be. It’s the times when you are too afraid to make a choice between those two that you experience suffering. And the Truth is, that when you have had enough suffering from being in two minds, you will do something about it. You will make a decision, a choice to free yourself from the suffering. Suffering is not being inflicted on you by what is happening; you suffer because you are not prepared to do anything about it, you are not prepared to move on.

To do something about it is not necessarily about doing something within your story, your external world. When I speak of doing something about it, I’m speaking about dealing with the emotions that have surfaced internally because of what may have taken place externally in your story. Most people think it’s all about doing something to fix the story externally because they are attempting to temporarily escape the emotions that have been raised internally. When I speak of doing something about it, I’m suggesting for you to take responsibility for those emotions that you feel, to not run away from the emotion by avoiding making a decision but instead to embrace the emotions and make a choice.

The most difficult task is not what you have to do externally. It is to make a decision internally – a full decision with absolute conviction, not a half-hearted decision. Most cannot make that kind of whole-hearted decision because they are too emotionally wrapped up and attached to their story. Why? Because they do not know themselves beyond their story.

Either do something about it or fully accept it and let it go, there is nothing in between but suffering.


Truth of the Week by Amir Zoghi, Be Free People

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