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6) Start doing all the things (big and little) that make you come alive, what you love to do, your passions – You might die tomorrow. You might lose the ability to walk, talk, see, hear, or smile. Or, more likely, you might look back on your life in 50 years and see all the things that you didn’t do with an ache in your soul. You can consider all of the reasons “why you can’t” live your passion or do what you love that mostly likely come from your circumstances, but I wonder if those reasons are going to make you feel better with that ache in your soul when you see your life has passed you by?

7) Start taking more space to yourself, alone –Taking space from the world to lose focus from things and circumstances can be like a breath of fresh air. Being with yourself and disconnecting from the outside gives you an opportunity to go inside and play in your imagination. It’s in the richness of the quiet that you can deepen your connection with the love that you naturally can feel in your presence. With more connection to who you are deep down, the less that you rely on outside circumstances to give you a sense of satisfaction. Space is richness, presence, and love.

8) Start living for the moment, moment to moment –When you are in the moment, living for the moment that is, drawing from the presence of the moment, do you not feel more alive? Do you not naturally feel more happy and as if any perceived problems don’t matter as much as the moment itself? Every moment is an opportunity. Every single moment is a gift. Forget the past moments that were, just ask yourself what will make you come alive in this moment, and act on it. You may not see another moment, so be in this one with all of your heart.

9) Start being more humble – It’s easy to be demanding or reactive. It’s easy to be self-righteous. And, it can be easy to play small, or be undeserving, or feel unworthy, or beat yourself up. Being humble resides neither in the high, nor in the low, but living through the heart. The heart doesn’t demand, nor feel undeserving. The heart exists as one with what you love in a state of grace. It just is. Be humble. And you will find yourself with more intimate and patient relationships with others by opening yourself to your own heart through being humble.

10) Start Wondering –Have you ever spent a day in wonder for all that is? Do you ever allow yourself time wondering about life, or your own existence? Do you take the special moments to simply wonder at the opening of a flower, the way we look as human beings, or marvel at the sunset or sunrise and be in the amazement of the world as it’s moving, or in it’s stillness? Can you feel the thriving aliveness? There is so much beauty no matter what you’re looking at. Start wondering at the amazing aliveness that’s out there in the world.

what would you do if you weren't afraid

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  • August 8, 2014 at 7:32 am

    As a mother, I always feel guilty when I wish for time alone, so I am happy to see alone time on your list. We all need it, not just me. :)


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