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11) Dream bigger! Expand your mind. – What if the only limitations were the limitations of your mind? What if you had it within you to dream bigger, and with that dream, possibly grow closer to living that dream. And even if you don’t believe it’s true, isn’t it worth a shot, to dream bigger than the current dream, to expand beyond the current limitations or bindings that may or may not have to do with your circumstances. Start dreaming; start imagining the life that you love; start expanding your mind, and wouldn’t it be impossible not to experience a change in your world, even if it was just in your dreams? I have experienced that your dreams would spill over into your reality if you dream and then act on those dreams. But first, just dream…

12) Let go of the past & future – Aliveness, and a sense of arrival within yourself comes from being in the now, not in some idea of what you think your life should or needs to look like in the future. And if you’re holding onto the past, not embracing how you feel about what the past was, it will be like a weight that’s binding you to the ground when your heart wants to fly. You can’t change the past, but you can accept and embrace what was. You can’t control the future, but you can open your heart to all possibilities and within them believe in the infinite beyond. Let go of the past. Let go of the future. Be here now.

13) Start wearing your heart on your sleeve; BE vulnerable Does it work to be closed off and protected? There is nothing more freeing than daring to risk being open in the face of rejection. Keeping an open heart is safer than a closed one. Why? Because you experience life on the edge, and you experience more of what you love: love itself. Even when you’re rejected you experienced more love because you let yourself open to that love. You deepened in your experience of knowing what that is.

14) Start remembering that you know nothing – Whatever you knew before may not matter now, because right now is a new moment. In this moment, there is a different truth, a different experience to be had. You can see the world through the lens of the past, but in this moment, if you allow it to be a fully new moment, you will realize that you know nothing of this moment and who you are within it. It’s a new moment. The truth is, you know nothing except the past. The moment you know something, the moment you take the past and project it onto this moment, thereby limiting it. You can feel what you feel now, and experience what you experience now. Start with a clean slate to let yourself be who you are now.

15) Start Living more Needlessly – The feeling of need is like an addiction, it keeps you chasing that which you perceive to lack. Living needlessly is to be an independent human being,  living from a sense of beingness that doesn’t require anything except aliveness to experience life in happiness. Yes you live in need of basic human requirements, but on the inside, to live needlessly is freedom. Whether it’s need to do what you love, or it’s need of being with someone, or something, even something intangible, need takes away from experiencing the pure joy of being alive.

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