After sharing 30 things to STOP doing to YOURSELF, I began writing 15 things to start doing for yourself… Here are numbers 1-5:

1)   Start being grateful for being alive. – Did you wake up this morning and remember that you’re alive as if it were a miracle? Did you awake one more time in this world with wonder and appreciation that you are actually alive? Did you wake up and consider all the amazing experiences that you may be able to witness just by being alive, even if it’s just experiencing ALIVENESS itself? Did you start your morning with an amazement for all that you’ll see and taste and say and hear and feel? There is no greater way to start your day than to remember your aliveness as if it is a gift.

Life can be a dream full of aliveness, or a nightmare if you think about everything all the time… Simply, to be grateful to be alive deepens your experience of your own innate aliveness, connects you with more courage, and allows you to respond to your life with more appreciation for everything and nothing… just for being alive.


2)   Start expressing the things that matter from your heart – There are so many opportunities to say what you really feel from your heart from moment to moment… from day to day. You can hold what you feel in for fear of how others may react, or you can open your soul to another and risk being a fool in the eyes of another to be kind to your own heart. Intimacy and vulnerability require openness, but ask yourself if you’ve loved yourself or your relationship with another more or less after sharing how you really felt, even if initially it causes discomfort? Even if it caused the relationship to end and others to begin?


3)   Start Taking Risks! – Think of every single human being who has made history that has inspired you… I believe they all share risk in common. They risked being themselves and flaunted the thoughts of others including their loved ones, stepped outside the box, and dared not let their circumstances get in the way of their dream, inner or external endeavor. What’s the difference between you and anyone else on this planet who inspires? Nothing, except perhaps your willingness to take risks. But ask yourself: did you really come here to play it safe?


4)   Start minding your own business – You’re missing your own aliveness when you go missing into the stories and circumstances of others. If you are delving into their stuff, it may be an avoidance of experiencing your own life. It may be a reflection of the drama you wish for your own life, or directly related to your own internal strife. Why is that person not able to worry about his own self? Why do you think you’re better qualified to figure out their life? Or is it that you don’t want to face your own life circumstances and journey?


5)   Start taking notice of all the small things that bring you JOY – Life is made up of a lot of small moments pieced together. It’s really one big moment containing little details of small things, even in the “big” moments. If you’re only looking for the end result full of the big things, you’re missing the aliveness contained in the nothingness, in the little things. It’s in the breath you breathe; in the objects around you, and in the space between each step you take. When you notice the little things, and the joy they bring, more joy becomes your every moment experience. If you can notice one small thing that brings you joy in every moment, every moment will be joyful.


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