“We’re always our best when we have nothing to lose.”

– Kirra Sherman –

Dare to imagine what you would live like if you had nothing to lose.

Sometimes you act as if you can’t walk away. Don’t walk away, but imagine what it would feel like if you did.

Walk out the door of your house, leave your relationship, leave your children, your collections, your picture paintings, your .25 cents in posters… leave the $100,000 painting hanging on the wall in your living room, your job, your security. Just imagine what it would feel like…

What does it feel like to leave it all behind in your imagination?

You are safe in your imagination… can you allow yourself to imagine it?

Play subversive music in a dramatic moment of your movie and imagine yourself walk out of your own life like a character in a movie. What would it feel like? Are you freaking out? Feel what it feels like to crash your car into a brick wall, the one you put yourself into debt for. The one you pawned your exwife’s wedding ring for, the one you saved all those years for. The one you pretend you’re happy in. The one you can’t afford. The one that was a gift you didn’t feel you deserved. The one you think makes you cool. The one that makes you feel uncool. The one you treat like shit, the one you adore, the one you …. Insert your own story for relatable content.

You can leave the things you think you Truly own in any moment

You can leave your closet full of clothes.

You can be fluid, leave your responsibilities and sometimes drowning painstaking ties to reality.

You can step away from your mortgage.

You can let your credit score crumble.

You can quit your job.

You can say NO. You can say YES.

Now leave your body. Come back again.

You can choose to imagine anything and experience freedom. Or you can choose to keep fighting and fearing to keep what you’ve likely compromised your self for.

Now Imagine leaving it all behind…

Are you feeling guilty? That’s ok. Keep feeling…

Take a moment if you can step beyond the emotions that arise, the fear, the guilt, the mind chatter and revolutionize yourself in your imagination.

Do all the things you’re afraid to do in your real life all in the recesses of your safe imagination.

Do you feel free yet?

Can you leave it all behind? Can you step outside the story of your life right now and imagine a new reality?

What would you be without all those things?

Can you feel the freedom?

What would it be like to let it all crumble?

I’m not saying do it. Don’t do anything at all. But do everything you love in your imagination and dare to imagine what it feels like not to compromise yourself… dare to leave everything that weighs you down.

The question is floating somewhere in your heart and mind, in the depths of your subconscious as it whispers to you a feeling of freedom… what would it feel like?

If you can accept and feel all that in your imagination, you’ve found some version of freedom for a moment of letting it all go.

The truth is, it’s all yours as you as you realize that none of it is…

Remember, you can step into your imagination any moment you choose.

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